Analysis Of Dostoevsky 's ' Dostoevsky ' Essay

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The motif of the struggle between right and wrong, strong and weak also appeared long ago in human life. But, writing about evil, the fight against crime with repentance tormented the peak to the end of the vast literature of the nineteenth century, Dostoevsky. There is a world of the offense in Dostoevsky’s art, but also an aesthetic world neutralizes evil, evil will eradicate evil and build a human personality in his work. World of horrible crimes, horrors in Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky portrayed naked and grim. The primary structure of the book to inform for the previous character and the main character is Raskolnikov. These are pictures of people standing in front of two Russian intelligentsia views and nihilistic pessimism of the 19th century, the idea of materialism and revolutionary. The plot presents two types of disputes, a personal thing between the outside world and hostile, something in the middle of a lonely heart and conscience. Raskolnikov, who had two egos of dual personality, has fluctuated between thoughts of his desire for power and weakness to subdue nature. Raskolnikov had sinned, because some people have a peculiar nature, dare beyond conscience. One side of this particular nature is the cold, inhuman, personal power and the will of the ego, the other hand is openness, compassion, willing to do the charitable action.
Raskolnikov, as was distinct characters, murder to prove to myself that I was a "superhuman" passed the moral cowardice of…

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