Analysis Of Donald Trump 's The Public Eye Essay example

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Whether you love him or you despise him, you know his name and what his goals for our country are. He is currently running for president and is constantly in the public eye, Donald Trump is consistently one of the most talked about people in the country. His many social mishaps since he has announced he is running for office has made him very a familiar face with anyone who uses the internet and he has since become the center of numerous satirical memes mocking his beliefs and outrageous remarks.
Many recent gaffes have opened him up to endless mockery from Clinton supporters, who have graciously taken it upon themselves to point out Trump’s weaknesses to the public. These memes are clearly aimed at people who have not decided on who to vote for, trying to convince them why they should not vote for Trump for President. In one image in the bottom corner it says it was featured on the website:, which is a liberal media site that is focused on the election later this year. They were mostly like created by people who are in favor of Hillary Clinton, attempting to gain voters who were planning to vote for Trump or those who remain relatively undecided. These pictures are only a few of the hundreds that have flooded the web since he has announced that his campaign for presidency.
These images heavily rely on the fact that the election has not happened, and it uses this fear of the unknown to play on the viewer’s emotions; trying to persuade them of what…

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