Essay on Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Stance On Immigration

806 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
Immigration has recently become the center of the presidential debates, and every candidate is trying to offer up the best position regarding this topic. For instance, the democrats maintain a low profile on their stance because many, such as Hillary Clinton, believe immigration is be something we should allow more of. While the republicans, excluding Jeb Bush, strongly support the strengthening of our immigration laws. That being said, Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is the most popular amongst Republican Americans. This is because he promises to build a wall large enough that there would be no chance of illegal immigration. Today I would like to discuss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s stance on immigration, what I personally think of their proposals, and which would be the best solution overall. Donald Trump’s stance on immigration is my least favorite out of all the candidates. He is, in my eyes, a racist who is just looking to please upper-class white men like himself. In one article, “Donald Trump’s America”, it is said that, “In Donald Trump 's America, Mexicans and other foreign workers are to blame for declining labor-force participation, unemployment, and stagnating wages among the native-born population” (Chavez). When it comes to immigration, Trump knows little of the actual facts. He seeks to build a wall to stop immigration between the United States and Mexico but does not realize that Mexico is not even the leading source of immigration in America…

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