Analysis Of Donald Trump Vs. American Democracy

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While we all choose to believe what we believe, a social divide should not come in between our unity because of our political standings. The 2016 election has created a bigger divergence than pretty much any election in history. Candidates that ran in this years election were the cause of some huge disputes among the American people. We should be fighting for peace, not creating conflict due to the fact that we will at no time agree on a single form of government. So why have we become so distant and how can we make sure to try and change the social standing? We can start by not making it seem like others are so wrong for freely stating their opinions and start listening. And instead of arguing we can agree to disagree. Peace is a main factor …show more content…
Its in fact hypocritical, in an article on the New York Times website “Donald Trump vs. American Democracy” reads “...He needs a reason so that his self-inflated self-image as a relentless winner is not undone should he lose this election by embarrassing margins. But to take that need for a diversion and distraction and turn it toward questioning the integrity of the electoral process itself and leaving open the possibility of not conceding should he lose beyond the pale.” And after the election what did Democrats protest... the electoral college saying that they wanted it dead and buried. And that since Hillary acquired the popular vote she should be President-Elect. Only due to the fact that they didn 't get the result that they wanted. This Democrat obviously rued the day he declared and gave voice to these words after the results of the election came out or maybe he proceeded to be an unreasonable person and kept making America unpleasant, either way this is an example of how even though we all know where we should be and are striving to be joint as a Nation, we

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