Analysis Of Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

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The race for the 2016 Presidency has brought to light two polar opposite candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Though both are uniquely qualified, the candidate that has earned my support is Hillary Clinton. With over 30 years of political experience and accomplishments, her nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate was very much self-earned. Three of Hillary’s political platform topics that help solidify my support and my vote are that she “believe(s) in science”; she has a viable plan for an affordable college education and a way to tackle the existing student debt plight, and she wants to reform and fine tune the Affordable Healthcare Act instead of repeal it.
Hillary’s extensive political experience makes her an exceptional
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Education is expensive and unaffordable to many Americans; and total student debt has now surpassed $1.2 trillion dollars. Being a “struggling student” myself, I empathize with the students of the US that are trying very hard to get a good education without getting into tens of thousands of dollars in debt with student loans. Hillary plans on making it where students can attend college and have the option to graduate from a public college and/or a four-year university in their own state, student debt free. By the year 2021, she plans for families that have an income of $125,000 or less to not have to pay any tuition at a four-year public college or university; for every student who comes from a household income of $85,000 a year or less, to be able go to a four-year public college or university without having to pay any tuition at all, and for all community colleges to be tuition free. Coming from a family of 7 with a household income that circles the poverty category, college tuition was just not in my family’s budget. Therefore, my family and other families with the same financial constraints are among those that could greatly benefit from Hillary’s education …show more content…
A concern that has many people in America worried, myself included, is what direction will healthcare take and what differences will there be depending on who is selected to be the next President of the United States. With Hillary as President, I am confident that America’s health insurance needs will be fought for and in good hands. The Affordable Health Care Act, has issues that need to be addressed and fine-tuned. Some say it is not the “best” health care plan, but I can attest to the fact that while I was living in California, Obamacare made it so that I was actually able to go to the doctor and get help to resolve my sinus infection solely because I was insured under Obamacare. With Hillary as President, I am confident she will fight for affordable health care since she has been fighting for it her whole career. If elected president, Hillary plans to protect and improve the healthcare act by bringing down out of pocket costs, lowering the costs of prescription drugs, offering health insurance to the poorest people in America by expanding Medicaid, and doubling the funding to community health centers. She plans on continuing the beginning efforts the Affordable Health Care Act has made which include but not limited to making it possible for 20 million Americans to have insurance, and making it possible for those with preexisting conditions to not be rejected or dropped by

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