Analysis Of Donald Trump A Republican Millionaire Running For President Of The United States

793 Words Oct 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Donald Trump a Republican millionaire running for president of the United States has caused great controversy due to some comments made in the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas Nevada. Among his audience are the Unemployed, persons without a paid job but available to work, watching him from the audience and home. This audience might be somewhat unconventional, not your common audience in a republican convention, which might include those liberals watching from home. This audience is in dire need of hope, something Trump has been able to exploit. He is appealing to the many unemployed that have loss their job due to import laws.
Donald Trump knows how to speak to different audience including those who are in need of a job. He knows how to ignite controversy. As Trump stated “We build China”. Our country is the greatest consumer of Chinese products. China is taking most jobs. They import massive amounts of items that are consume by the American People. While Americans can only export to china if they pay a 42% surtax. While we don’t’ charge surtax” as stated by Trump. These facts given by Trump are enough to anger every American, especially those without a job. These people know, American exports can create jobs for Americans, which are being loss due to the uncomplicated import laws. A 42% surtax forces business to decrease exports, thus decreasing jobs. American companies are not making enough profit to export to countries like China, due to their absurd surtax. This leads to…

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