Analysis Of Donald J. Trump Essays

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Donald J. Trump epitomizes American success. He is both the Chairman and President of The Trump Organizations, a multi-conglomerate company with financial interests in real estate development, sales, marketing, investing, brokerage, and property management. Not only is Trump a wealthy businessman, but also an author, television personality, and a politician. Though he has little experience being a government employee, Trump is campaigning for presidency. Among the many problems facing America is immigration. Immigration is a pressing issue that is being addressed by all candidates. Solutions to this dilemma vary from being lenient on illegal immigrants to extremely harsh; the Trump campaign is under the harsher categories. Arguing immigrants are unproductive members of society and should not be able to live in America, the border requires enhanced security, and all immigration into must be difficult, makes Trump’s campaign very anti-immigration; however, Trump does believe well-educated, benevolent foreigners are allowed to immigrate to America. Dealing with illegal immigrants already living in America is a tricky subject and an even trickier issue to solve. There are millions and millions of undocumented workers living in America and Trump believes undocumented workers cannot be here nor deserve citizenship. In his book, Candidate Trump claims the, “annual price tag to incarcerate these [illegal immigrants] is $1.1 billion”(Trump, 136). Taxes dollars are being…

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