Analysis Of Donald J. Trump 's Presidential Election Essay examples

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There’s a wave of populism sweeping the globe that appears to have made everyone feel either defiantly jubilant or ready to shit their pants, depending on which side of the ideological aisle they’re on. The most prominent example of this populist wave is Donald J. Trump’s upset win over Hillary Clinton in our recent presidential election, but this is not isolated to the United States. Much of Europe, parts of Asia, and South America, as well, have seen such crusades gain momentum, as people become increasingly frustrated with the perceived negative effects of global trade on their local way of life.
As the U.S. party primaries followed by the general election this year went on, many in academia and the media passingly puzzled over populist elections or referendum results in distant lands. Duterte, a fetid pustule of a human being that sincerely believes mass murder on a scale not seen since World War II is the answer to all his country’s problems, was elected president in the Philippines, while pundits and analysts, here, just sort of looked at that situation and wondered why.
Then the United Kingdom’s BREXIT vote occurred, and many, here, wondered how could it be that such a “civilized” nation could shoot itself in the fucking economy for spite?
Even then, few foresaw the potential of such a populist movement gathering enough momentum to be a threat to the establishment in the United States.
The reality is that this particular strain of a populist movement, which seemed…

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