Essay on Analysis Of Doherty 's ' Throughout The Book '

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“In my view, we inevitably influence our client’s behavior and moral thinking; therapists have already done it for a century by promoting morality of self-interest (Doherty, 1995, p. 17).” Throughout the book, Doherty raises several important thoughts and questions. Consequently, I agree with many of Doherty’s thoughts related to how clients are treated and how the therapist should use different skills. Accordingly, he sees that it is not possible for therapists to treat all clients the same, which I agree with because each person has his/her own character. Doherty talks about moral qualities that are used to help clients engage in treatment that is respectful of connections the client is a part of. I enjoyed his perspective on how counselors need to consider the needs of the others when working with a person’s need versus only focusing on the person and his/her needs and wants. Therapists have an influence on how they treat clients, therefore, a therapist’s actions can affect others. Therapists need to recognize the consequences related to his/her actions and be able to take responsibility for the actions taken.
Over the years, therapy has been focused on individualism and Doherty explains how therapy should not always be focused on just the person. Individualism is not terrible, but it is a problem if we do everything only for ourselves. In the book, he talks about the Golden Rule, which is to love others as we love ourselves. As a future counselor, I look at…

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