Essay on Analysis Of Disney 's ' The Happiest Place On Earth '

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Disney endured major difficulties in Paris and received a huge backlash in its practices from the French claiming American cultural imperialism. They faced backlash when it came to the dress code standards which were deemed unacceptable and against France’s labour laws. It is alleged some training was perceived as invasive and totalitarian which was the opposite in Asia and were easily implemented with the view of Disney’s core values as the “happiest place on earth” (thejhannanarepublic, 2015). There was resistance to Disney’s narrative which became political leading to the French president not attending the first opening. Disney learnt from the French mistakes which and was able to incorporate their core culture into the Chinese culture with less difficulties. When it came to service orientation, personnel management and training practices was considered a norm. Asia’s interest in Western culture combined with the love of fantasy costumes was a key success and benefited everyone. Products such as souvenirs were a part of the experience in Asia and special admission for purchasing gifts was allowed resulting in the largest sales in all Disney resorts. The fact that Disney was associated with a foreign experience and deemed exotic was an asset compared to France which was a liability.
Hong Kong had a unique blend of both the East and West combined with the fusion of Chinese and British heritage. This played a key role in visitor number who came from different parts of the…

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