Analysis Of Disaster Management And Critical Thinking Skills Of Local Emergency Managers

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Article Critique: Disaster Management and Critical Thinking Skills of Local Emergency Managers
Planning, guiding, and executing emergency and disaster response plans are part of the responsibilities held by an emergency manager. Numerous skills such as communication, cooperation, time management, and organization are necessary in emergency management. However, the most important valued yet challenging learning skill to develop is critical thinking skills. In practice, many obstacles stand in the way of an emergency manager’s ability to apply critical thinking skills. In this paper, I analyze an article entitled “Disaster Management and Critical Thinking Skills of Local Emergency Managers: Correlations with Age, Gender, Education, and Years in Occupation”. Furthermore, I complete my analysis by providing my opinion of the article.
Prior to this article, researchers did not conduct a critical thinking skills assessment of local emergency managers that tested for correlations among age, gender, education, and years in occupation. In this article, program analyst found it important to study and determine the extent to which local emergency managers from Virginia have the skills to think critically as they assume and manage risk. Moreover, they attempt to satisfy the uncertainties of this extent by determining whether correlations existed between the emergency manager’s score and independent variables. The purpose of the article is to educate current local emergency…

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