Analysis Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer 's Life And Its Impact On My Life

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Essay Concepts and abstract thought within counseling, and indeed Christianity in general, needs to become active in our lives. Aside from this, there is little point to studying the concepts, as it all becomes head knowledge, instead of a way of in which we live out our lives. Counseling in the Local Church taught with an aim of taking ideas into turning them into things which fuel vulnerable community within the church. I was affected by the class through the material, the thoughts presented, though did come away with some questions. While there were many readings which piqued conviction and consideration for the subject of church community, it was Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together which had the greatest impact on my life. Mainly that Christian community is not supposed to be a social experience, but rather the process of bringing each other, no matter how different from me, before the living God. This mismatched family of church is a spiritual reality, not some sort of unreachable ideal. Why as this book so challenging for me? Because it caused a great deal of conviction for me – in the best of ways. As someone who is a natural idealistic, I have been guilty of seeking out community which offer the best social experience (social experience meaning close-knit, exclusive friendships). Rather than embracing my fellow Christian brothers and sisters as they are, I have spent much time looking for that ideal standard. As I have stopped looking for this perfection within…

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