Analysis Of Denton Corker Marshall & Wood Marsh : Artistic Architecture

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Denton Corker Marshall & Wood Marsh: Artistic Architecture

In the study of modern architecture in Australia, the three persevering traditions and their continuance have been constantly discussed. Thus, it is important to understand the distinction of each tradition and for the purpose of this essay, the level of abstraction tradition. As stated in Philip Goad’s essay, the level of abstraction tradition has concern of removing “the means of making from the eye, and encouraging sensual reverie within the forms themselves1.” In relevance to this, the work of Denton Corker Marshall (DCM) and Wood Marsh (WM) can be seen as relating and contributing to the tradition, each with their own approach to the level of abstraction that can be achieved in a project.

This essay will focus on the abstraction in modern architecture and how it is reflected in the works of both architects and how they are being perceived. In this context, DCM and their modern art influenced sculptural form as well as WM’s abstracted minimalist approach.


Abstraction is at the core of all architectural thinking. Architects have always thought in abstract terms, looking for the underlying principles and rules governing form- making, whether functional, structural, geometrical, aesthetic or even mystical2. Through abstraction architects would be freed from their subservience to the traditional styles of the past. As stated in the essay by Philip Goad, the tradition abstraction aims to awaken…

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