Donald Trump Is Wrong

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Democrats say Trump is ‘not who we are.’ They’re wrong.
"Un-American," what does that mean in a country that has a wide array of beliefs? Which American 's thoughts are those that doctrine what being "American" entails? It is this conundrum that is highlighted in the editorial Democrats say Trump is ‘not who we are.’ They’re wrong. Author Yoav Fromer argues that Donald Trump displays the "bullying, imperiousness and ignorance" that the American public feels secretly and that this mind set is what helped develop the country into what it is today. Aside from the hasty generalization that all Americans possess some level of prejudice, Fromer 's argument fails to acknowledge that behaving like we have in the past will not propel us into the future. It will chain us to a cycle and inhibit further development in the U.S.
Learn from your mistakes. It 's the reason that while we were growing up our parents instilled in our minds that making mistakes was valuable.
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Fromer acknowledges the changes he sees Trump making in his piece by saying, "America achieved greatness by reluctantly undergoing a painful process of critical introspection that forced it, time and again, to look in the mirror and come to terms with its worst demons as the prerequisite for exorcising them." This thought, in my opinion, is overly optimistic. I believe a Trump influenced America will not be, as the candidate claims, "great again" because he will keep us in the revolving door of racial prejudice and obnoxious imperiousness. Coupled with Trump embodying some of the most negative traits some Americans have, his success is only encouraging his boorish behavior. Conversely, I think that America will reflect upon misguided ignorance when Trump fails. If he fails it will reinforce how irrationality does not reap reward, which, hopefully will cause America to

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