Analysis Of Defense Of Black Rage And Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Both Cooper’s and King 's works, “In defense of black rage” and letter from birmingham jail” both use the three rhetoric 's: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, as well as strategies like providing counter-argument that further supports their goals. I will explain how similar they are by exploring ethos and logos while understanding why those methods of argumentation is effective in persuading the reader.
Cooper’s “In defense of black rage”, asks questions like: why would an unarmed teen go against an armed police officer? or why should we move on when one of our own was killed for no reason? These questions all point out that the police’s actions are inexcusable. Another thing she points out is why do the Ferguson police call them animals when they are the ones that are dressed up in riot armor, armed with tear gas, and provoking the protesters to “bring it” (Brittney Cooper 3). These questions help support her point that the police 's actions are the ones who are more savage.
In King’s Letter, He uses the same tactic by questioning the goals and ideals of the church and law. He points out that he is part of the children of God (church) and that he expected support from other supporters of god like white priests and bishops. But they who talk about peace and equality under god, do nothing because segregation “is the law” and do advocate the equality. His argument is where points out the hypocrisy of the church, how unfair the justice system is, and why he cannot do it [negotiating…

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