Analysis Of Defender Of The Faith By Philip Roth And Paul Laurence Dunbar

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2. Fact/Statistic: (Source #1) In the Matter of "Faith" (Source #2) A Test of Faith? : Religious Diversity and Accommodation in the European Workplace. (Source #3) Explanation of: Defender of the Faith by Philip Roth and Paul Laurence Dunbar

3. Testimony:
1. (Source #1) READERS of the July "Atlantic" must have found excellent entertainment in Mr. Root 's little essay on "The Age of Faith." His subject is one that we are always interested in -- the question of the real resemblances between seemingly contrasted periods of human history. By a series of ingenious comparisons, he leaves us with the impression that in spite of superficial differences -- of language, of manners, of interests -- one age is not so very different from another. The "Age of Reason" was not very reasonable after all, the French Revolution differed "only in externals" from the Crusades of old, and the "Ages of Faith," far from being past, find their counterpart in the age to which we now belong. It is very ingenious, very amusing, and almost convincing.
2. (Source #2) Faith is an issues of religious diversity in the workplace have become very topical and have been raised before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Examining the controversial and constantly evolving position of religion in the workplace, this collection brings together chapters by legal and social science scholars and provides a wealth of information on legal responses across Europe, Turkey and the United States…

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