Analysis Of Deborah Tannen 's You Just Don 't Understand- Asymmetries : Women And Men Talking At Cross- Purposes

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Gender Reaction Language and gender play a very crucial role in cultures throughout the world. Throughout history, women have challenged the inequality they have face and have addressed equality. Although what these theorists have said is not one-hundred percent true this is the majority.
Article 1: Deborah Tannen’s You Just Don’t Understand— Asymmetries: Women and Men Talking At Cross- purposes.
This article talks about the differences between men and women. In regards to troubles, women have a tendency to take on the issues a man has because she wants to comfort him. A man, on the other hand, wants to express his opinion and simply let it go. When a woman wants something fixed she wants to talk about it and have a basic understanding of it. The object being fixed is done so by a man. Men, however, do not want help from anyone and rely on having a superiority complex. By gender definition men are seen as the problem solver, however in 2016 this is being challenged with women taking on more roles traditionally held by men. Men and women have different thinking patterns when dealing with someone of the same gender; a woman first states her problem, and responds with the statement “I know” and provides an example of a similar problem. Men state their problems and the other man gives a solution and the problem is solved. In regards to matching troubles, women want to be accepted and men want a short, concrete answer. When it comes to helping out, men want to have the…

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