Analysis Of ' Death Of A Salesman ' By Arthur Miller Essays

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In many plays, play-writers make family relationships the key point in the plot. The reason being, the reader is able to comprehend the conflicts better through a family’s interaction. Although each family member plays a different role in each other’s lives. In August Wilson’s play “Fences,” the interaction between Troy Maxon and his son Cory Maxon along with Willy Loman and both of his sons, Biff and Happy, in Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman” allows the readers to see and the father-son relationship and the conflicts that emerge from them. The father-son relationship between Troy and Cory Maxon have many conflicts. Just like any young man in high school, who makes good grades and is an athlete, Cory wants to pursue a career in football. He has an opportunity to receive a scholarship to play football for a team in college. The problem is Troy does not want him to play sports. Troy’s past is the reasoning behind his decision. The fact that he could not pursue a career in sports because of his race, leads him to believe nothing has changed so he does not want the same thing to happen to Cory. Although, in Troy’s eyes he fells like he is doing the right thing by protecting him, in Cory’s eyes it seems as if Troy is only resisting Cory’s attempt at individuality. One might suggest the two male characters would enjoy each other because of the interest they have in sports, but in actuality it is only a barrier. In result of Troy treating Cory the way he did, towards the…

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