Analysis Of Death In Stand By Me

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Register to read the introduction… As the journey to film the dead corpse reaches conclusion, the young boys depart separate ways, except Chris and Gordie. This is depicted in the established shot, of the young boys in nature, a glowing scene where the sun is raising which signifies inception in the boys’ life, that they will be entering a new milestone. The long shot of the boys of the boys aligned, with equitable distance between each other foreshadows that the experience of glimpsing at the face of death for the first time had catalyzed different perceptions, as well as growth. The experience had influenced them in different ways, thus instigating a barrier between each other. The point of view shot of Vern and Teddy walking in separate paths establishes that they will no longer be a part of each other's future, and the journey to find the dead body has dejected their connections "As time went by we saw less and less of Teddy and Vern, until eventually they became just two more faces in the …show more content…
The death of Ray Brower, hit by a train has explicated them that boys as young as them are susceptible to death, in contrast to their belief that death cannot succumb children "I'm acting my age... I'm on the prime of my youth". The mid shot of Ray Brower, bloodied and blackness in his eyes was a distressing sight for the young boys, as the camera quickly cuts to their expression of shock, and sorrow This highlights that the boys are strangers to the concept of death. The diegesis of the adult Gordie voice-over reinforces that he remembers articulately the powerful sentiment of having seen Ray Brower. Seeing the face of death for the first time had prevailing impact on all of the three boys but particularly Gordie, who's deceased brother have a connection with Ray Brower's death. Gordie starts weeping heavily "Why did Danny have to die, Chris?". Gordie's rhetorical question to Chris conveys that Gordie is still grieving for his brother, and questions death's way of claiming loved ones as well as its

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