Analysis Of Dean 's Case Study Essay

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"Dean a 16 year-old lives with his father and step-mother, in a semirural community in the south; and mother Dean 's mother moved to another state, and although she calls him from time to time, the two have little contact"(Broderick & Blewitt, 2015, p. 365). Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dean 's life has become a target for hit or miss disasters, resulting with Dean becoming confused and undecided about the direction of one 's present and future life identities. Within this paper one will discuss the challenges, perspective changes, and theories involved in the overview of Dean 's case study. Presenting Challenges
There are several challenges that create complications within this case study, many that can be rectified by initiating various solutions that will be later presented. Challenges are often connected to various areas in life that create confusion, misunderstandings and denial; which is a direct explanation of Dean 's case study. Dean, a 16 year old adolescence has been placed in a situation that mimics the life decisions of an adult. To begin with, it is evident that the divorce of Dean 's parents was a situation that was pushed in the shadow of darkness, leaving the adolescent abandoned in the situation. In addition to the divorce, Dean 's mother is not consistently active in the adolescence life; "Dean 's mother moved to another state, and although she…

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