Analysis Of De Vaca 's La Relacion, And William Bradford 's Of Plymouth Plantation

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The texts La Relación, Of Plymouth Plantation, Huswifery, and The History of the Dividing Line show that a person’s outlook can be affected by many things, but the most contributing factors are often the most obscure; a person’s background, morals, and perspective can have a great effect on their opinions. In other words, someone who experiences something firsthand will have a much different and likely more positive view of the situation, and a person’s background and original morals have the greatest change in what people might consider personal opinion. Therefore, peoples’ opinions are most impacted by their initial opinions, morals, and perspective.
In Cabeza de Vaca’s La Relacion, and William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation, they discuss their relations with the Native American Indians using mood and tone to show us how their opinions and writings reflect their opinions and attitudes towards the natives. Both authors tell an account of events in the new world, specifically referring to the native indians who originally lived there, and how they perceived them. To illustrate, Nunez has a change of heart when he says, “The Indians, understanding our full plight, sat down and lamented for half an hour so loudly the could have been heard a long way off. It was amazing to see these wild, untaught savages howling like brutes in compassion for us” (Nunez 118). This statement has a great example of the use of connotation in word choice in it; Nunez’s use of the words…

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