Essay on Analysis Of David Thoreau 's ' Civil Disobedience '

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With such a title, Henry David Thoreau 's "Civil Disobedience" describes what it means to be civilly disobedient. “Let your life be a counter friction to the machine”(Thoreau “Civil” 373) is the overarching thematic quote of the 1849 essay, stating that oneself should be the force that fights against an unjust institution. The prestigious Welton Academy of Peter Weir’s 1989 film Dead Poet’s Society is an exceptional example of a controlling machine. Within the academy, there is the rebellious Charlie Dalton. Within his group of friends, better known as the Dead Poet’s Society, he is the defiant student who embodies Thoreau’s "Civil Disobedience" and proves that the movie is transcendental. The examples of Charlie’s insurgency can be broken into the build up in the beginning , the expression in the middle and the consequences at the end of the movie.
Although smoking cigarettes today is a sign of ignorance, the simple act of Charlie Dalton bringing out one on the first day at Welton academy was a sign that he knew the rules wouldn 't hold him back. Upon a bed, Dalton lights the tobacco-filled paper and begins his reign as the non-conformist. “I will breathe after my own fashion”(Thoreau “Civil” 376) is one of the phrases Thoreau states, which has an odd but true connection to Charlie. Thoreau is describing a life where he breathes what he wants to breath: live the life that he wants to live, which Charlie is beginning to show he does so well. The goal of “Civil…

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