Essay on Analysis Of David Lurie From Disgrace Byj.m Coetzee

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Character Analysis of David Lurie

My character Analysis will be about David Lurie from Disgrace by J.M Coetzee. He was chosen for this topic because he is of course the center of the book, mainly because he has a lot going on in his life that can be elaborated on. David Lurie, in my opinion is in fact an interesting character who made some bad choices in his life, especially for his age. I disfavor David’s actions and choices he made. For a man in his fifties, he should not be flirting or having any sexual activities with twenty year olds. The bad part about that situation is that she is a student in his class, it looks bad on both of them even though she isn’t a minor. I favor the part in the novel where he goes to Melanie’s house to apologize to her father and family and to give his side of the story. Not to justify what he did, right is right and wrong is wrong but it was nice of him it was a disgrace but him maned up to what he did. But maybe if he made a public apology he could have kept his job. Unfortunately being humiliated and losing his job wasn’t enough. His daughter had to pay as well, attacked and ganged raped which caused her pregnancy. David Lurie experiences some intense and horrifying things throughout the novel but, after it all does he change? David Lurie is very sexual active, why jeopardize his career by acting out in such a wonton way. Every Thursday David would meet with a prostitute named Soraya to fulfil his needs. But shortly after…

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