Analysis Of David K. Shipler 's The Working Poor Essay

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In The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David K. Shipler, Shipler brings up topics that actual people deal with in life. One of the topics being that employers can be biased when it comes to hiring employees or even keeping them. A person’s appearance or their personal issues could cause it to be difficult to get hired. In The Working Poor, Shipler makes the book relative to people, gives examples, and makes people decide if they agree or disagree.
Shipler constructs all of his arguments in a way that it contrives it relatable to the reader. He wants the reader to be able to relate to all these people in the book. Based off of the interviewer’s stories, he has somewhat of a reasonable explanation for why it may be happening. There aren’t many solutions told within the book pertaining to employers being somewhat biased about physical appearance. He has named a few ways that people could gain more education that could lead them to a promotion at work. Shipler has also mentioned that people will need consistent transportation and possibly child care in order to keep a job, but also to pay for it as well. Shipler addresses the truth, he wants to show that people will get the help they need, but it takes a lot of work. Elizabeth Davis wrote an article about, The Working Poor: Invisible in America, This is what she argued: “One of his objectives is to make the working poor more visible to the rest of America, and, by telling the stories of their lives, he does so.”(Davis).…

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