The Rocking Horse Winner Themes

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David Herbert Lawrence was born in 11th September 1885 in England Nottinghamshire and was not from the wealthy family. His Father was semi-literate coal miner and his mother was more educated than his father which led to the conflict in the house. Lawrence started his life from lower working class background to the intellectual class and he gained international reputation as an important twentieth century author. According to Harris (1984), Lawrence wrote Sons and Lover in 1913 and The Rocking Horse Winner was published in 1926 in Harper's Bazaar magazine. The Rocking Horse Winner is a short story that incorporates the elements of a fairy tale and fantasy. It tells the reader about the whispering house and the ability of a boy who foretell …show more content…
In The Rocking Horse Winner, Lawrence states that “Well…..I suppose,” she said slowly and bitterly, “it’s because your father has no luck.” (1928). Paul’s mother has the dominating character where she blames her husband and children for not having luck and money. She never realized that as a parent, she did not put her effort to make money and love her children. On the other hand Paul tried to make money by gambling but Hester did not feel guilty of using his money and was jealous of her son instead of thanking him. In the novel Sons and Lovers, Morel socially feels that her marriage with miner was not a good decision because she must remain as housewife for her entire life. "Yes," wrote Mrs. Morel to her son, "the photograph of Louie is very striking, and I can see she must be attractive. But do you think, my boy, it was very good taste of a girl to give her young man that photo to send to his mother—the first?" (Lawrence, 1995). Morel was also jealous of her son’s lovers Miriam for closer relationships and flirting with her son after she saw the photo of her son’s girlfriend. Mrs. Morel was not willing to accept Paul’s relationship with Miriam because she suggested that the picture was in appropriate and she never thought of any women who are good enough to marry her son. Paul was bound to his mother and cannot imagine leaving her behind by marrying someone else. According to Chakarbotey (2014), if the oedipal or electric conflict is not resolved properly at the phallic stage, then a phallic stage fixation may lead a boy or a girl to become aggressive and to be of confused sexual identity. Likewise in the sons and lovers, Paul’s oedipal conflict was not resolved properly because he still wanted to marry his mother even when he is in genital stage. Paul feels that there is no woman that could ever replace his mother ccomplementing the theme of

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