Analysis Of David Hemenway 's Article ' Does Owning A Gun Make You Safer '

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David Hemenway’s article ‘Does owning a gun Make you safer’ states that the gun ownership in the United States does not make American people safer. He gave a lot of data and mentioned the surveys to counter his statements and make aware of people about the effects of guns in the American society.
David Hemenway, a policy scholar, author and professor of Harvard school of Public Health, is a columnist of Los Angeles Times, LA, and (Wikipedia). He has a Ph. D in economics from Harvard University. He has written a several articles and books related to public health, safety and economics. His article about the gun ownership published in Los Angeles Times to focus the adults, millionaires and the Spanish readers in the country.
Hemenway argues that Americans are more heavily armed than any other people in developed countries. According to survey that he had mentioned in the article, the guns prevent from deter crimes and thwart it but he said that higher guns ownership have a higher risk of gun violence. According to Amada Gutterman’s article published on The Huffington Post, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Wyoming, and Alaska has a country’s highest gun ownership with the highest gun fatalities and New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts are the less gun ownership with less crimes. This means higher gun or gun ownership have more crimes and does not prevent from deter crime and thwart. Which proves the author’s statement
The author explained in his article with a scientific…

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