Analysis Of David Bacon 's Article On Illegal People Essay

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David Bacon has three primary arguments in his book, Illegal People. The first point is that illegal immigrants’ are exploited on their vulnerability from lack of legal status. Particularly when they try to form unions, both employers and government use the threat of deportation to discourage organized labor. The second argument suggests that the economy and previous policies have created illegal immigration and made countries dependent on this workforce. The third argument ties illegal immigration in with globalization. Bacon proposes that when skilled citizens migrate, the illegal immigrant and their home country both reap negative consequences, while the employing country gains unfair benefits. Illegal People shows how the economy displaces workers who then are taken advantage of by employers and the government; an entire process that results in more harm than good.
The longer illegal immigrants work at a company, the more knowledge and confidence they acquire. They then begin to organize unions to rally for their rights. They demand things such as living wages, safe working conditions and morally-just treatment; characteristics that the majority of their illegal jobs do not provide. When employers notice these workers vocalizing their opinions “they view them as workers, not humans” (Bacon, 2). Employers use illegal workers’ illegality to eliminate their power and thus restrict their basic rights. The IMAGE was a historical program that shows this process. It was…

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