Essay on Analysis Of David Armitage 's Declaration Of Independence

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When looking at American History, it is amazing to see how a colony could defeat the mother country, draft a document that explained why the breaking up had to happen, plus, create a new government of its own. Who would have thought that not only an event like this, but also its historical document would be remembered for years to come? According to David Armitage, the Declaration of Independence was remembered as an inspiration for other nations coming into existence over the next 200 years. What is most remarkable is how many nations took the experiences of the American nation and used it to reform and create their own sovereign nations. From an already well established country like France to small colonies like Haiti and Venezuela, these three nations would be inspired to find their freedom by the United States, a nation that founded itself in 1776. The American experience inspired many to become their own independent nation. The world would never be the same.
America’s revolution of the 1770s-1780s was an event that changed a nation, but who would have believed that its significance would influence other nations to rebel against their ruling government. Consequently, France’s Revolution was inspired by the outcome of the American Revolution. America’s attempt to replace their British Monarchy with a new form of government would be similar to France’s chance to remove their antiquated monarchy and start new. As stated in the Philipp Zieschce article, he alluded…

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