Analysis Of Dave Ramsey 's ' Busts ' Myths And Introduces A Seven Step Program

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In order to help people achieve a total money makeover, Dave Ramsey "busts" myths and introduces a seven step program to insure one 's success . He provides extremely accurate reasons and fact to why debt and money myths can 't be trusted and reveals truths . Also adding on an easy to understand and follow program, to ensure financial finesses . Before all this Dave instructs that one should be able to accept the reality if they are financial unhealthy and be willing to change even if its painful . The first "truth" that Dave revels about debt is that it is not a tool and doesn 't in anyway "bring any prosperity ." The second is that loaning any money to friends or families puts tension on ones relationships with them . The third is that staying away from car payments and drive "reliable used cars ." The next is that one should never ever lease a car, for " car lease is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle . The fifth is that buying new car is a bad idea because it loses 60% or its value in the first four years . The next is that buying a credit card won 't build your credit score and that a debit card has the same risks as a credit card . The next is that giving a teenager a credit card teaches them to be financially irresponsible, not the other way around . Next is that " debt consolidation is dangerous ." Last is that if no one is used to debt that the economy would prosper . I agree with Dave that debt can 't in any matter of sorts bring one happiness .…

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