Analysis Of Dave Pelzer 's Story Essay

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in various actives to find who he was . The first activity involved stealing . Dave thought it was cool at first to steal items that people did not notice. Eventually , he realized that stealing items was not for him and he just wanted to be a part of a crowd. He wanted to badly fit in with children of his age and accepted. Next, Dave found out that working for a job kept him busy . Dave like the idea of working and making money that assists him in his expenses. Finally, he realized that he could love and cherish people that were not his biological parents. The acceptance of Alice and her husband (the foster parents he lasted with before becoming an adult) was step from Dave being free from the thought that no one could love him. With this new perspective, went on joining the Air Force and purchasing a home for himself.
A further analysis of Dave Pelzer’s story suggests the following themes: Love and Acceptances, Overcoming Adversity, and Self- Discovery. Dave Pelzer always pursue love and acceptance. Since he had once experience love and acceptance from his family before his mother became mental ill , he was always looking for that feeling after his family dynamics changed. Pelzer timidly believed if he obeyed his mother’s wishes , maybe somehow she will grow to love the child she once did. In his family home , Pelzer wanted his family to recognize who he was . He wanted to belong. Pelzer writes
“ By this time , for all practical purpose. I was no longer a member of the…

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