Analysis Of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution By Charles Darwin

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Darwin, a geologist and former medical student, sets out the theory of evolution by his discovery of the species on Galapagos Islands. Darwin’s father decided to send him to Cambridge to earn a degree “bachelor of arts.” Darwin did, in fact, graduate from Cambridge after full attendance of four years, alongside interests of “collecting specimens.” A close friend of Darwin offered a chance to explore his desire to collecting specimens by an expedition of the world, which lasted five years. Darwin’s father didn’t want Darwin to go, but later agreed and even paid for his trip. The rest of the trip was of Darwin making observations on the island and how he established his theory of evolution.
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, aka, Darwinism When Darwin
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Darwin was curious why each tortoise is different, but obviously the same species. As Darwin did more observations, he noticed that the long neck tortoise could reach higher leaves, the smooth curved shell tortoise lived on the well-watered parts of the island and the high peak tortoise lived on the dry parts of the island. This interesting observation made Darwin proposed a theory of how a species originated as a normal, standard animal, but then branched off in many directions as the tortoise reached different parts of the island where the temperature, moistness, and height of the plants varied. He found the same to be true of the finches. Darwin originally thought that all the finches were of different species. But as he observed the foods, behaviors, and beaks of each different finch, he was astonished to find that all of the finches were the same species. His discovery of the finches didn’t exactly happen when he was on the island. He collected samples of each different type of finches and brought them back to England. At home, he measured the beaks, claws, and physical appearances. From his data, he concluded that each of the birds that he …show more content…
Reaction on the Origin of Species explains, “Darwin 's old Cambridge tutors Sedgwick and Henslow dismissed the ideas, but liberal clergymen interpreted natural selection as an instrument of God 's design, with the cleric Charles Kingsley seeing it as ‘just as noble a conception of Deity’.” (Reaction on the Origin of Species). As happened in Darwin’s life, he had encounters in his professors or tutors throwing him Godliness against his spouting idea of the theory of Evolution. At Darwin’s time, no one was allowed to say or do anything against the church. Those who did, would be severely punished or banished. Surprising enough, the Church of England didn’t put Darwin’s Origin of Species on the “index of prohibited books.” After Darwin completed his third book, his faith with his Christianity “dwindled, and stopped going to church.” (Momme). Darwin married Emma, his wife, who was a “strong devoted Christian” and was frustrated with Darwin on his lack of faith. But when Anna died of Scarlet fever, both Emma and Darwin were devastated. When he had published his first book, with all of his observations on galapagos island, he was afraid of hurting Emma’s feelings. But what was found out by an interview with his wife at the time of her living was that Darwin had his books (all three) ready to publish since he got off the island, but he had waited and waited until approximately a short while after Anna’s

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