Analysis Of Dante 's ' Inferno ' Essays

1705 Words May 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Rebecca Adams
World Literature I
3 May 2016

Dante’s Inferno Dante Alighieri is the author of The Divine Comedy, which is considered as a literary epic scale. This is characterized among the central texts that have been presumed from the Western literature and it is described as the unique and largest poem during the middle ages. Dante is considered as an activist, writer, and theologian who were born around 1625 in Florence and his literary works have always been used over the years in diverse directives. The historical context portrayed from the poem has discussed several aspects regarding the Christian and some experiences that have been encountered from the religious beliefs. The analogies from the poem have affirmed some contemporary beliefs that are characterized as sacred and this outlines some concepts that have a bewildering array. During Dante’s times, the comedy was characterized as allegory since some of his texts were based on both the mythical and historical intrusion that had significant aspects in the Christian life. The paper will focus on Dante’s religious beliefs from his context as well as the historical context that has been presumed from his poem. On the same note, the paper will also focus on Dante’s influence on his literary works and his aspects about punishment after death or hell. Lastly, the paper will focus on how other religious believers regard hell or death and this is characterized by the religious beliefs.

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