Analysis Of Dante 's ' Inferno ' Essay

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1. If Medea were placed in Dante’s Inferno he would be in the 7th circle of hell, which deals with violence. She killed her children, the king of Creon, and his daughter, Glauce. Medea become so angry and hurt after Jason left her for Glauce. She did commit wrath too, but murder is worse than anger, therefore she should get the worse punishment. She poised a gift that was given to Glauce, and her father decided to die with her. Then he killed her children to make Jason suffer. She knew that Jason wanted a family, so she decided to take that away from him.
Due to the nature of her crime she would be placed in the 7th circle of hell in the outer ring, which is for murders and others who were violent against others and property. Her punishment would be sinking into a river of boiling blood and fire. I think that this punishment is suitable for her crime because she took away four lives, therefore she will burn in hell. She has sit in a river of blood, blood in which she had on her hands from killing her own children. Therefore she will be reminded of what she did. The other characters that are founded in the 7th circle of hell in the outer ring include Alexander the Great, Dionysius I of Syracuse, Guy de Montfort, and Centaurus. i
2. To comparing Sir Gawain characteristic in the story to the description of Sir Gawain being a golden boy, who can do no wrong. That is pure, celibate , forthrightness, and has integrity. Yet in the story he is tested by the hosts. The host wife…

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