Analysis Of Dante 's ' A Journey Through Hell ' Essay

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Plot summary During Dante’s midlife crisis, he ponders on how he lost his way. He is at point in his life where he wants to fix himself and go back to his “true path.” He then finds himself in a dark place and lost. After the sin radiates the mountain above him with light, he tries to climb the mountain only to see it is clocked by a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf. Vulnerable as he is, he decided to go back into the dark. He then sees a specter, Virgil, who was a Roman poet. Virgil says that he will guide Dante in a journey through hell. Virgil also mentions that his lover, Beatrice, is one of the three women that saw Dante lost. Virgil guides Dante into the gates of Hell. They start in the outskirts of the realm of Hell, the place before Inferno, this is where the souls that could not decide good or evil are punished by running in a never ending chase after a blank banner, day after day. Hornets also sting them and worms lap resident’s blood. Dante sees their suffering with sympathy and pity. Charon proceeds to take Dante and Virgil over the river Acheron. This is the real border of Hell. The First Circle of Hell begins with Limbo. It is the home of pagans. This includes Virgil and and a plethora of the other grand writers and poets and are in hell because they died without knowing of Jesus. After meeting Horace, Ovid, and Lucan, Dante moves on into the Second Circle of Hell. This place is reserved for the sin of Lust. At the divide of the Second Circle, the…

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