Analysis Of Daniel Burnham 's ' The Chicago World Fair ' Essay

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Thesis: This small section was put in the book to introduce Daniel Burnham, an architect who helped create the Chicago world fair. This chapter also foreshadowed the upcoming events in the book as Burnham vaguely recalled the tragedies that occurred at the world fair.

Notes: -Burnham is on a boat, headed toward Europe from America to go on a tour
-Millet is Burnham’s friend who was also an architect in the endeavor of building the fair
-The fair was six months long and attracted 27.5 million visitors
-Many people died - in the building of the fair, in a fire, from an assassin, or from a murderer. A real party
-The boat Millet was on was shipwrecked and Burnham just hopes that his boat will come and find him when they save the shipwrecked people.

Reflection: Burnham is on a boat, restricted to a suite because his foot is in pain. We don’t know why his foot hurts. He is on the way to Europe to go on a tour. He decided to send a message to his boat’s sister ship, because his friend Millet was on it, but he was not allowed to. Stuck in his suite with nothing to do, Burnham thinks about his time at the Chicago World Fair, which he helped build as an architect.

Section I
Thesis: The Chicago World’s Fair was made to be the best of the best, topping Paris’s fair - however, things are not always how they seem to be, and there are many struggles in starting to build the fair.
Notes: -Many trains came in and out each day, each bringing and taking many people. It was easy…

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