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Analysis of Dance Styles ARTS/100 Professor Analysis of Dance Styles For centuries peoples have been dancing as an art form that allows them to physically express themselves without using words. These are times when simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words (Humphrey, 1937). A great deal can be understood when a person watches a person dances. The message that is related is strong and clear. When you understand the types of dance the message is clear.

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The most obvious difference between the two are that Modern dance there is a since of style that when they move they stay close to the ground while flexing their feet and moving the bodies in a hunched position. While accentuating the body form, ballet dance moves with leaps and high kicks with clean line movement. We must not forget the music that is needed for each of these so that they are complete modern dance leans toward ballad songs. Ballet is uses very different music that is used helps a story while their techniques and precise choreographed steps are performed. They are sometimes barefoot and the costume design is somewhat revealing to the eye. On the other hand, jazz shoes or what is referred to as half-sole shoes are used for modern dance as we step away from the focus on the dance we need to focus on the dancers. A Ballerina looks clean with pointed shoes and hair is up in a bun with tights or leotards they also wear skirts. As in modern dance their hair is worn down free flowing. The one major similarity between ballet and modern dance is there are both male and female dancers. Both use a stage and music when they are performing. Although, both styles both express emotions and tell a story to their audiences.
World Concert / Ritual Dance
Ritual dances basically tell a story and are specific to the countries where they are created. These dances literally have no audience and considered to be sacred and
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