Analysis Of Daisy Miller 's ' Daisy ' Essay

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The young American girl who we are later introduced to as Daisy Miller and we see that she doesn 't act as a normal girl of her time period. She yearns for acceptance into society on her own terms, something which is alien to the world of women. Daisy is described in her initial meeting with Winterbourne as a flirt which is a sign of an emerging animus. The animus represents movement and without an active animus a hero cannot move. Daisy 's call to adventure came when her father sent her, her mother, her brother, and the courier onto an excursion through Europe. Her mother represents a portion of Daisy 's anima. It is the timid, unsure part of herself that is aware that what she is doing is unacceptable to society. Her brother, Randolph is the trickster. He represented the part of Daisy that is still a child and still likes to play around. These two characters are part of the life that hero or heroine need to leave behind so to grow. The courier is part of the hero 's quest. He is representative of the path that she must take to externalize the self. He is the mentor. At the start of the story we meet a young American girl of either eighteen or seventeen who is traveling Europe with a timid mother, a trickster of a brother, and a courier. She is introduced to a stiff expatriate American male by the name of Winterbourne. James ' places his young heroine in a world where there are social stigma that rule the behavior of women. Winterbourne is symbolic of the animus that…

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