Cyberbullying Research

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Cyberbullying is up to rise in these days. The topic is interested me because the technology is making more easy for the bully to act. It seems that the young generations don’t realize how bad the effect of bullying. In order to find this topic, I used the website from Arapahoe Community College and go to the library link. With help from the Librarian, I choose the EBSCO as my source since EBSCO is one of the leading provider of research databases, e-journal, medical, etc. EBSCO is well known and trusted for quality contents. From EBSCO website, then I choose my topic cyberbullying related to behavior and minimize the research to only using peer review journal. The results will only display for peer journal and I skim the content that have …show more content…
Hypothesis is “A tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables; a testable prediction or question” (Hockenbury, 2014). Therefore, in this journal article, the hypothesis is the relation between childhood trauma and development of psychosis experiences among adolescences. The childhood trauma especially for this study is associated with cyberbullying. This study is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health. The researchers used an experiment and representative study because they collected a specific group by using a special and detail questionnaires but also, predicting if there is a relationship between the trauma and bullying to psychosis disorder (Magaud, …show more content…
However, the researcher admitted that there is a limitation in this study such as the sample is too small, no control group, no specific duration and the frequency on how long the victim exposed to cyberbullying whether is by text, instant messages or Facebook. This is important because persistent cyberbullying could increase emotional impact on mental health. Moreover, the study reports that some type of cyberbullying is less harmful than traditional bullying such as threats and insults, but other forms of cyberbullying could possibly more damaging especially if there are images or videos show. The researchers explain that studying cyberbullying in young people with clinical high risk (CHR) psychosis is new in the field. They believe that CHR individuals are affected by cyberbullying. These individuals are more vulnerable to the cyberbullying especially internet and cellphone, because they lack of friends and social functioning. To the knowledge of the researchers, they suggest that this study needs for further attention using larger samples with longitudinal design to determine better

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