Analysis Of Customers Service Experience At Savannah Mall Shops

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Register to read the introduction… Aim of the study:

The aim of the study is to analyze customers’ service experiences at Savannah Mall Shops.
7. Research Objectives: The objectives of the study are as follows:

7.1 To determine how customers’ service experiences can be managed.
7.2 To analyse customers’ personal and objective perceptions.
7.3 To determine pre and post purchase experiences of customers.
7.4 To assess staff’s customer care service skills. 8. Research Questions:

• How should customers’ service experiences be managed?
• What affects customers’ personal and objective perceptions?
• What are the customers’ pre and post purchase experiences?
• What skills do staff have on customer care services?

9. Delimitations / Limitations

Manager’s perception on customer care service will not form part of the study.

10. Literature / Theoretical Framework

10.1 Management of customers’ service experiences (Relates to objective 1)
The researcher will gather information on how customers’ service experiences can be managed using a questionnaire. The information gathered will help the researcher to understand management of customers’ service experiences in the mall.

10.2 Customers’ personal and objective perceptions (Relates to objective
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13.7 Validity

Questionnaires will be validated through a pilot study on shops and customers who will not form part of the main study (i.e. to test if questions will be easy to understand and answer). An opinion of a researcher who specializes in the same field will be sought to check if the tool is valid (i.e. before the study is undertaken / implemented). The results of the study will be discussed with the some of the people who participated in the filling of the questionnaires (i.e. after interpretation of the data) to check if it’s a true reflection of what was collected.

13.8 Reliability

The questionnaire will be issued to re-test the same participants (i.e. the same study will be conducted within a period of 4 to 6 months) to measure consistency of the

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