Analysis of Customer's Service Experience at Savannah Mall Shops

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1. Research Title:

Analysis of customers’ service experiences at Savannah Mall Shops.

2. Introduction:

Providing efficient and effective customer service that adds value to customers is important in a competitive and dynamic market. The challenge is how to develop efficient customer service that is flexible and capable of being tailored for the specific requirements of customers. It’s important for service providers at Savannah Mall Shops to understand how customers evaluate the service they receive and how the elements of value contribute to their perception of value in the delivery of services (Ulaga:2003 ; Ulaga & Eggert: 2006).

Long-term relationship between the service providers and their customers require efficient
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It will further help the shops to increase their profit while operating in a competitive environment (i.e. providing efficient customer service results in an increase in profit). Poor customer service has a negative impact on the business. An unhappy customer will not buy from the service provider again and will tell more people about the unpleasant experience (i.e. poor service is damaging to the business). Efficient customer service is good for the business and it result in increased profit and maintaining competitive advantage.

5. The problem statement:

The problem is how customers’ service experiences are managed at Savannah Mall Shops.

5.1 Sub-problems:

• Customers’ personal and objective perceptions.
• Pre and post purchase customers’ experiences.
• Skills of staff on customer care service.
• Manager’s perception on customer care service.

6. Aim of the study:

The aim of the study is to analyze customers’ service experiences at Savannah Mall Shops.
7. Research Objectives: The objectives of the study are as follows:

7.1 To determine how customers’ service experiences can be managed.
7.2 To analyse customers’ personal and objective perceptions.
7.3 To determine pre and post purchase experiences of customers.
7.4 To assess staff’s customer care service skills. 8. Research Questions:

• How should customers’ service experiences be managed?
• What affects customers’ personal and objective perceptions?

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