Analysis Of Culture Change At Ford Motor Company Essay

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An Analysis of Culture Change at Ford Motor Company
When reflecting on the history of Ford Motor Company, the name Henry Ford is synonymous with the success of the company. Henry Ford created a culture of innovation and creativity (Brady & Haley, 2013), and also one in which he doubled workers’ wagers to further highlight them as valuable assets to the company (Harnish, 2012). However, by 2006, the culture that Henry Ford created had drastically changed and the company was facing potential bankruptcy. To recreate the once powerful culture of Ford, Alan Mulally was brought in as CEO to overcome the dysfunctional culture and was able to prevent the company’s downfall (Brady & Haley). The following will outline the changing culture that Mulally created.
Ford’s Culture
In order to understand the culture that had developed years after Henry Ford’s contributions, it is important to have an understanding of the meaning of organizational culture. Although there are various definitions of organizational culture it can largely be defined as shared meanings, values, interpretations, and norms (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2007). Along with this, Tohidi and Jabbari (2012) explained that leadership is a form of cultural expression and thus it makes sense why the introduction of Alan Mulally to the company and incorporating his leadership style was able to once again transform the company’s culture. Prior to Mulally’s arrival, the culture that had developed at Ford was described by…

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