Analysis Of Creighton 's Admissions Office Essay

927 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
A systems theorist would say that Creighton’s Admissions office is complex and multifaceted. They would go on to describe how the system they use has many different subsystems or departments just within the admission office that works and encounter issues individually to provide knowledge to prospective students as well as collaborate with one another to provide an enjoyable and top rate idea of Creighton and the values and systems that make us greater than other similar institutions. The system the Creighton utilizes is a network that connects all departments on campus with the goal of getting new students to apply, getting them to commit to attending Creighton, Helping them strive academically while they are here, and getting them to graduate promptly with as little debt as possible. All of these aspects make up the system that is Creighton University and strive to show how well they work together to achieve a common goal effectively and efficiently for all that are involved. In today’s society, it has become increasingly easier to stay connected with the technological advances that we now have. However, the day-to-day operations of many organizations rely heavily on technology to stay updated and informed on the progress of projects and the outcomes of policies and plans that are currently in motion. The significant aspect of systems theory is that it too focuses on being able to describe the system of communication that are being used and how we in an organization…

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