Essay on Analysis Of ' Crash ' By Paul Haggis

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The 2004 movie “Crash”, produced by Paul Haggis, is about the different lives of a few people around the same community that are dealing with social and racial issues. In this movie we see some of the different stories of each character connect to each other. For example, one of the character’s story revolves around Peter Water, and another story focused on revolves around Detective Graham Waters. Both characters are brothers, and through the film we see how the actions of Peter water, who is stealing throughout the movie, effects his brother’s job in the legal system as well as the relationship of their mother. All of the main characters in this movie was either on the receiving or giving end of racial prejudice, but the character that will be focused on in particular is analysis is officer Ryan who has been in his field for 17 years. Officer Ryan was one if the characters on the giving end of the racial issues that occurred in the movie.

To begin Officer Ryan’s story, Ryan is parked in his police car with his partner, Tom, until Ryan sees an African American male drive past them. He pulls them over, which his partner is opposed to because the driver has done nothing wrong, and he hassles the man and his wife by telling them to step out of the car. When searching the wife, he touches the wife inappropriately and threatens to arrest them. Officer Ryan is completely aware of his racist ways because he indirectly admits it to his partner Tom. His personality comes off as…

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