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Taylor Blackburn
2 November 2014
Professor Brown

Nailers Transformation In the novel “Ship Breaker” by Paolo Bacigalupi, Nailer, who is the main character, progresses throughout the novel to transform himself from an abused and powerless individual to a courageous force to be reckoned with. Nailer lives with his father, Richard Lopez, and is raised in a poverty stricken environment. The people are either extremely wealthy or severely poor. His father is a drunkard and uses Nailer for an income source and shows little or no emotion or tenderness towards his son. Nailer has a small frame which gives him an advantage when working in a ship yard. He was able maneuver throughout the ship through small spaces to collect whatever he
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“Don’t cut her” Nailer said. “We can’t make a Lucky Strike like this …It would be like Sloth was with me” (Bacigalupi 97). This showed how Nailer changed and grew from his experience with his friend, Sloth, with the discovery of oil on the abandoned ship. Sloth did not want to help him when he fell into the pool of oil and was going to leave him there to die so that she could keep the money from the oil for herself. Nailer realized that he would never do that to someone else because he knew how it felt to be sacrificed for wealth. According to the narrator, Nailer looked at the girl and realized that a few days ago that he would have killed her. Not to hurt her because he is not cruel like his father but to get the gold from her. He would make it as painless as possible and even make an offering to appease his mind that she would go on to an afterlife. He would consider himself lucky. Now everything looked different as the memories flood back to him from being up to his neck in oil and Sloth starring down at him. He could not reach Sloth, to get her to care about him. Some people, like his dad and Sloth, care more about themselves than others (Bacigalupi 98). According to the narrator, “Richard Lopez wouldn't hesitate. He’d slash the rich girls throat and take the rings and shake the blood off them and laugh. A week ago, Nailer knew for a fact that he could've done the same. The swank girl wasn’t crew. He didn't owe

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