Analysis Of Cormac Mccarthy 's The Road, Survival Of The Boy And The Man

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Independence or Ignorance?
People always like to refer to themselves as “independent”. Independence may seem like a great thing in modern society, but in a post-apocalyptic world, a sense of dependence is unavoidable. In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, survival of the boy and the man is due to their dependence on their human nature and ability to support one another.
The Road is a phenomenal example of how raw human nature shapes peoples’ decisions. It addresses the behaviors of people neither informed nor controlled by a social order. In the essence of The Road, people’s actions are highly dependent on the person’s basic needs. A lack of basic human needs often results in the more disturbing view of human nature. (Gilbert pg. 43) Betrayal, suicide, and cannibalism are all examples of things that human nature can bring out of people.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs gives a detailed blueprint of people’s needs and wants. (Gilbert pg. 44) The first level are the physiological needs such as food and water. This is one of the man and the boy’s most consistent conflicts. In The Road, basic resources are extremely hard to come by, as seen when the man said, “We have to find something to eat. We have no choice.” (McCarthy pg. 220) To stay alive, a huge emphasis is placed on their dependence in finding those basic needs. Nearly all of the decisions the man and the boy made, related to finding food or conserving food for basic survival.
The next level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is…

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