Analysis Of Cooking Mama Outdoor Adventures

Okay so we all know or at least a fair few of us know and the rest can pretty much guess that Cooking Mama involved cooking stuff in a new and unique way utilising the features of bot the Wii and the DS and in doing so made that game huge, now because that game was such a success they have kept the words Cooking Mama in games that have nothing to do with cooking at all simply because the title means that these games have similar gameplay to the original cooking ones, so the question here is simple, is possible to have as much fun in Cooking Mama Outdoor Adventures?

My First Impression.

Well when I first started up this game I noticed that from the options presented to me at the main menu it seemed that there was not a lot to this game from the outset, but after playing the main mode for a little while I could tell there was actually a lot more to this game than I had initially thought there was and this is because the main mode in the game takes on the form of a classic top down 2D RPG (role playing game).
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You start out at this campsite and apart from the swap character there are two other characters you can speak to, these guys however have not much to say and that is the story for most of the non playable characters as they usually offer you a mini-game rather than any sort of dialogue. As you wander around you will encounter various tasks and all of these can unlock mini-games randomly and on top of this you will have to watch out for the monkeys wandering around as well, but there is certainly plenty of areas to explore

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