Analysis Of Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essays

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History 1115- Short Essay #1 Question: What then prominent ideas of race and gender does Conrad draw upon in the novel and in what ways does the novel help further the arguments of those (like E.D Morel, A. Hobson, Alice Harris, and others) that empire was wrong?
Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness focuses around Marlow a contemplative sailor and his passage up the Congo River to meet Kurtz, believed to be an optimistic man of great abilities. Marlow is both deterred and captivated by the man, he is confronted by the despair and corruption that Conrad saw at the heart of human presence. [T] Conrad draws upon many prominent ideas of – a) race; b) gender; and c) further helps the argument that empire was wrong.
a) Race is an eminent idea in Heart of Darkness, Conrad had at the time unconventional ideas of race in the late nineteenth century, he seemed to be suggesting that there really wasn 't so much of a difference between black and white—with the exception of that this vision of racial kinship comes to be more complex when you consider that he seems to be suggesting that black people are just less evolved versions of white people. (E) "[…] with a large, white, rascally grin, and a glance at his charge, seemed to take me into partnership in his exalted trust. After all, I also was a part of the great cause of these high and just proceedings." (1.36) (A) Conrad ridicules the concept of Imperialism as humane by contrasting adjectives like “high,” “just,”…

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