Essay on Analysis Of Connors And Mccormick 's Work

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Connors and McCormick’s work Character, Choices, and Community examine person, action, and community as the essential elements of moral experience as prescribed within the Gospel message. This paper will expound upon the central themes of Connors and McCormick’s work and apply their treaties to the Andres Plane Crash as a way to examine how person, action, and community from moral norms and moral reasoning. In concluding, I will highlight the importance of community and context to the formation of one’s ethics and morality. Connors and McCormick insist that reflection on morality should begin with one’s lived experience rather than mere theory or idealist principles. It is within one’s lived experiences that we start to become aware of a “moral tug.” With critical examination Connors and McCormick argue that experience both as an individual as well as within community serve as the litmus test against theories of morality. Thus they can claim that our morality must occupy society’s formal structures and institutions for, “both expressive and formative of who we are as communities and persons. Within the first few chapters Connors and McCormick suggest that character, choices, and community are pillars within the individual as well as communal experience of morality. Character as a response to our moral experience is defined as “the core, unique, self-chosen, and integral moral identity of a person” that shapes our responses to moral experiences. Additional contributors…

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