Analysis Of ' Coming Of Age ' And ' The Catcher Rye And The Kite Runner '

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Experiencing loss, and how it indefinitely defines us

Our losses define us as much as our possessions and the environments around us do. Loss can spur on one’s drive to change and redefine themselves, and also holds the power to halt time for said individual. Childhood and early adulthood are the years where worlds begin to change, and oftentimes loss is experienced for the first time. There are novels dedicated to this time in one’s life, the genre called “coming of age.” The Catcher in The Rye and The Kite Runner are some of the most classic books from this genre. Outlining the challenges that teenagers face throughout the toughest times in their lives, one of the most common themes in such stories is loss.

In “The Catcher in the Rye”, the most famous symbol is Holden’s red hunting hat. Holden buys this hat right after losing all of the fencing team’s equipment on the subway. Although buying this hat, was purely on a whim, it represents Holden’s values. It can be seen that Holden’s hat represents how he wishes to keep his individuality and uniqueness that he believes comes with being a child, as he believes adults are “phony” and the all the same. It is also refreshing to see how Holden loves this hat so much. Holden is depressed and usually very criticizing of everyone and everything, but he admits that “The way [he] wore it.. [was] very corny..but [he] liked it that way. [He] looked good in it that way."(Salinger, 18) This shows that Holden still holds some happiness…

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