Analysis Of ' Coming From An Awareness Of Language ' By Malcolm X

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Textual Analysis of “Coming to an Awareness of Language” In the enlightening essay “Coming to an Awareness of Language”, Malcolm X defines his prison experiences he went through. He details his experiences with struggling with broadening his spectrum of language in order to better communicate. The catalyst of his interest in language was his realization that he was unable to speak articulately when writing to people he admired. He saw that his inability to express himself prevented him from conveying himself in the best way possible and sought to change that for himself. His illiteracy thwarts him from achieving his goals of spreading his religious beliefs to people known to him in black community. Malcolm X commits and goes through all the hard and meticulous work to enlighten himself, and at the end becomes progressive and completely satisfied. Being articulate in hustling world meant being able to read simple English words and speaking them out. Being literate on the other end implies understanding, being able to read and write pure English. It meant knowing words and their meaning deeply and not just simply. The two methods of organization marked in the essay are narrative and process. The essay is narrative because the story defines how Malcolm X Enlighted himself. In the short narrative, “Coming to an Awareness of Language”, by Malcolm X, readers are told the story of how Malcolm X developed from an illiterate street hustler to a self-educated man in prison. Malcolm…

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